All 3 of my girls have a Lovey! Two of them have a “squishy” (a super soft small pillow) and my oldest has her Blankie that has been with her since birth (she is now 14). Blankie is still very much part of her life, traveling back and forth between my house and her dad’s house. It was yellow with a satin edge. The yellow has faded over time and that satin edge has almost been loved off. Whenever a string or small section wears off of Blankie, it is held in high reverence and placed carefully in a special container for safe-keeping.

One story of almost losing Blankie has stuck with me. We lived on Dayton Street, two blocks south of Armitage in Lincoln Park until my oldest was 5. There was a small children’s boutique along Armitage that had two small children’s “rides” – a merry-go-round and a horse that bounced and rocked. When I stopped working to take care of her and my middle child, our morning daily routine was to walk to those rides. We even had a pouch of quarters at the ready!

We were almost always alone on the merry-go-round, so naturally, Blankie always got to pick out a horse. One day, when we were almost home, we realized Blankie had decided to stay and keep riding – without us! My oldest freaked, I secretly panicked, and we turned that double Bob stroller around and almost sprinted back. Blankie, of course, was still there, maybe relishing in her 5 minutes of alone time. And after all, who would actually take a gently worn blanket and keep it? (I hope no one.) However, the thought of having to deal with a child losing her favorite Lovey was heart wrenching to me. Thankfully, besides losing another beloved Lovey “bun bun” IN THE HOUSE, we have had no additional lost incidents. I hope that this Lovey stays with her and remains an important piece of her childhood. I still have mine tucked safely in my closet where I see her every day.