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The Lovey Project currently works with various Chicagoland charitable organizations aimed at helping children. The Lovey Project has been actively donating over 97% of our funds since being founded in late 2015. Our hope is to expand our support network to national programs by the end of 2022. In the past, we have raised funds at our annual Halloween “Haunted Manor” Open House in support of the following charities:

Lurie Children’s Hospital:
In 2016 and 2017, The Lovey Project supported the Lurie Children’s fundraising drives for their Cancer center and other programs for children with serious illnesses and extended stays at the Chicago hospital.

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls:
In 2018, The Lovey Project donated to downtown Chicago’s “MERCY HOME” a Catholic organization ministering to children, teens and families in need.

Chicago Sun-Times “Letters to Santa” program:
The “Letters to Santa” program provides wish fulfillment during the holidays to almost 12,000 children in the Chicagoland area. The Lovey Project donation fulfilled over 250 individual wishes in 2019 and 2020.

Operation Paperback:
Operation Paperback’s mission is to provide Military personnel, veterans and their families with books. In 2021, The Lovey Project donated Loveys and children’s books (from picture books to YA) to Fort Campbell’s family library in Clarksville, TN.

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Thank you for your support!The Lovey Project is a 501(c) 3 charity (TAX ID: 47-4803025)

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Motherhood and Martinis


Stories that inspire, entertain, and make you laugh ’til you pee. Plus martinis! And not just any-old-martinis—these ones were designed just for moms!

These tales of Wonder, Woe and WTF?! share a little glimpse into the lives of other moms, who are a lot like you. Through their tales, we’re reminded to savour the little things (like capturing extra morning snuggles), to let go of the stresses (they won’t be in that unfortunate phase forever), and to be grateful for the laughs that the unexpected brings (because laughing is better than crying and it may be the only workout our abs get!).

So shake up an easy-to-make martini, put your feet up (quickly, before the kids find you) and join us on our journey as we toast to the many clink-worthy moments that motherhood brings.