Our first official ”LOVEY Story” comes from a parent /company with whom we hope to work closely in the coming months and years. Here is the origin story for “Baby Jack & Company” and their founder/CEO Kelley (WI):

Baby Jack gravitated towards tags on clothing, toys and blankets, so it was essential for mom Kelley to provide a lovey that had ribbon tags accented for his sensory needs and comfort. The only tag toys out on the market had ribbon loops and the ends heat sealed, so she created a safer alternative called The Learning Lovey with ribbons sewn shut for added safety. This still provides cognitive, social and mental development for kids as well as assisting with separation anxiety and transitioning.

As Kelley’s two kids grew, so did the Wisconsin brand Baby Jack & Co. They started creating their own fabric textiles for children to learn, interact and engage with their loveys. The Learning Lovey has pictures built with shapes, letters and numbers and brings a fun, educational tool to a comfort object. This company also designs fabrics to promote kindness and raise awareness for causes important to their customers.

Their Kindness Confetti, CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) lovey, police, fire and stars & stripes designs are part of their give back campaign to bring comfort to kids in need. Twelve years later, that little red ribbon that Jack started playing with as a baby is still being loved and has grown into a brand that gives comfort to many all over.

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