The Lovey Project Teddy Cut Out

The Lovey Project is inspired by the unconditional love offered by beloved stuffed animals– ”Loveys.” The relationship between Loveys and their children is special – from Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin to Andy and Woody– Loveys offer something to children who have trouble asking for it and children who have none of it in the world.The Lovey Project mission is to help provide emotional support, stability, and unconditional love to those children who need it most – We will do this in many ways– from directly supplying Loveys to donating funds and partners with various organizations that address the needs of these children.We are collecting your stories, your Loveys and your donations– we promise to take care of you, too– thank you for joining us as we try to make this world a softer, more loving place for as many children as possible.

Tyler Lovey Project

Click through to read some heartwarming stories featuring loveys – “Andy & Woody” are just the beginning! Each month, we will feature one story – submit yours here for a spotlight or honorable mention (pictures optional).

Leo Lovey Project

You’ve found a lovey in a public place and want to reunite it Click here to submit your info! Your son/daughter has lost a beloved lovey? Click here to send us the details so we can put out the word! Click here for past success stories (bring a tissue)!

Cole Lovey Project

Please consider making a donation to The Love(y) Project so that we can help more children in need – Click here to go to the donation page and learn all of the charities and funds we support!

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